Default Geometry Is Being Reflected Even Though They're Deleted

Hey all,
I have a chrome sphere that shows reflections of the default geometry such as the stairs and ledges that come with the starter project even though I completely deleted all of them. Not sure why they’re being reflected in shiny materials still.
Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.

Rebuild the lighting/reflection captures. That is probably the issue.

Oh yes, that did the trick… but now I’m only seeing my HDRI reflected in the sphere and not my actual scene. Any ideas?

Also, when I move the camera in a certain way, it makes some objects disappear from view before they’re out of frame. I’ve read this could be some sort of clipping issue with the camera boom arm but the solution they said to do was to raise the arm slightly but this did not work for me. Any ideas on this also? Thanks!

Unfortunately, I don’t know.
When i was playing around in the VR level, i noticed the same things with the odd clipping type behavior. But, i am working with realtime open world lighting, so i did not spend the time to figure it out. You may find some useful information in the learning portal though. Unreal Academy Good luck!

Unreal Academy helped me a lot .There is for sure something that can help you there.