Dedicated Server Project - Need of compiled Unreal for all participants

Hallo everybody,

We are currently working on a vr application that needs to run as a server-client app in the end (dedicated server on a local network). The project was initially setup as blueprint project with the latest 4.27.2 binary version of UE. The documention says that it will be need to migrate in this case to a c++ project for a compiled Unreal version. Since we are several artists and devs working on that project I assume that we need to compile Unreal on every workstation / for every artist / dev that will participate on that same project right? Thank you very much!

First, could you tell me where you saw the documentation that says you have to migrate to a cpp project? You should be able to compile with blueprints.

If you’re looking to work together on the project, you should be using git to manage the source code as a team. If it’s just about sharing the compiled client, you can just build it on one machine and share it with your team without letting them have access to the source code.

Since you mentioned a local dedicated server, you’ll have to think of a way for these clients to enter the address of the server to connect to. Or look into Network Discovery for that.

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You do need a source folder with target files as the documentation mentions but that’s it.

Don’t use git since you will hardly need any code, but use Perforce instead if possible.

Build the engine on one PC and zip the binaries, Content, Source etc. Do not include intermediate folders in the zip and pdb files can also be skipped unless if you want to be able to debug on the other PC’s.

Note that you can not share this zip with anyone except Unreal Engine Developers that has agreed to the EULA.

The alternative to sharing the build with all the artists and developers is that they continue using the installed Engine and you only package the Server and Client game from the PC with the source Engine.
Each new engine build gets a unique ID but if you enter the Build ID in the Build/Build.version the same as the installed version it should be treated as the exact same engine. Obviously then it is important not to modify the engine in any way.

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That’s helping a lot. Thank you guys!