Dedicated server not letting client spawn

I am trying to setup a dedicated server however the player is spawning and just falling to the ground

if I run the Entry map as authority he spawns correctly however I need a dedicated server so I need to run it as a remote, I am lost I have been trying to figure this out for two days any help would be greatly appreciated as I don’t know -.-

I got this to work on a regular map however this one is tiled and uses world comp so I think it may have something to do with the issue.

I think it may be correct could it be because I have the same ip thus it is thinking I am the server and a client?

[2018.12.15-07.13.28:653][746]LogNet: UChannel::Close: Sending CloseBunch. ChIndex == 0. Name: [UChannel] ChIndex: 0, Closing: 0 [UNetConnection] RemoteAddr:, Name: IpConnection_604, Driver: GameNetDriver IpNetDriver_0, IsServer: YES, PC: InventoryPlayerController_C_602, Owner: InventoryPlayerController_C_602, UniqueId: Null:DESKTOP-BDKN6M8-F287CE8F4EE96442DC5DE48A92EE349C