Dedicated Server Max Player Count?

Hi all,

Is there a logical or theoretical limit to the number of players that can connect to a dedicated Server that I should be aware of?

I have a turn based card game that implements a short count down between rounds.

The network traffic is very simple and would be low volume per player (max of 2 clicks per round a round lasting 3 seconds) with games being 2 to 5 players.

I want a dedicated server to manage the game, mainly for cheating purposes.

I have an idea on allowing everyone to connect to a single dedicated server and that manages all the games.The Server will have a lobby system inside it and put 5 or less players together in a game, and will manage each of the games.

I know I am able to code this, and with the very low traffic that will be going through it, thought it maybe possible for many users to connect to a single server, potentially 1000’s (I hope hah). I am a solo coder and multiple dedicated servers are not an option here so I’m trying to think around that problem. I have already tried this as HTTP calls but the latency has been found to be an issue

Thanks for your time