Dedicated server log showing warning: accessed none trying to read property

Hello, people of the community. My name is Brandon and I have been trying to figure out an issue with my Multiplayer FPS game I’m working on. When I play in standalone running on dedicated server, I notice some warnings in the log it produces.
The log shows that when it tries to read the property OptionsMenuWB, it says Accessed None. I’m aware that it means it’s not finding any data in the variable (null). It’s also doing the same thing with the MainMenuWB portion as well. When the event is called, the first thing it does is get the variable, check if it’s valid, then either Add to Viewport or Create Widget then Add. I added a PrintString to tell me if it’s true or false, and it is showing that it’s false, so why am I receiving these issues if it should be following the false branch and then creating the widget? Any ideas?
Thanks for your time, Brandon

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ever figure this out? Real annoying when I’m trying to debug other stuff