Dedicated server help

I have been working on my Multiplayer game project for a couple of months and now I want to create a lobby and start game menu for it. However I ran into a problem. I want to create my game similar to CS:GO, LoL or Dota2, but with 4 teams. Could someone link me to a tutorial where I could learn how to do it? Instead of hosting the server on other player computer, I want to make so that, when minimum player joined requirement is met in the lobby, all the players are sent to a Dedicated server which is hosted online.

Thanks in advance!

Your lobby is usually a dedicated server as well but how you do that is a core system of those games.

There are tutorials about how to create a dedicated server with Unreal and there are also tutorials on how to create a lobby. How exactly you implement it and have it work is a huge topic with certainly hours of debugging and work.

Here is how to create a dedicated server in Unreal Engine:

And here a basic lobby system:

Beyond that it really is up to you. The question is too big for a better answer on my part. At least for me.