Decrease delay between particle bursts


I am putting together a muzzle flash with cascade. The problem is that if I continiously fire my gun, the muzzle flash won’t get activated quick enough. Probably because of some sort of delay between each burst. But I am in need of an instans burst even if the first particles still are alive.

Any ideas on how to get instant particle emission? I am using blueprint to activate the particle system.


Edit: It looks like I can’t emit before all previous particles are dead…

There are a few ways to handle this. For a pistol, or a weapon that you pull the trigger and fire in rappid succession I recommend using a burst emission. (this is below the spawn section)

For a weapon like an automatic machine gun I recommend mixing a burst with a looping emitter. If the weapon fires as long as you hold down the trigger, setup two emitters. 1 that bursts, and another that loops.

Burst will fire at the time you specify in the burst list. Loop = the number of sprites to spawn in a period of time.

My guess is you are spawing and not bursting right now.

I hope that helps you.

Sorry for taking 3 years to say thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
But Thank you!