Decoupling Indirect Lighting Features / SSGI

I’m working on an open world project with a day / night cycle at the moment. We’re using baked lighting for daytime and then fading it + the GI indirect lighting for the night scenes. This means that all the lighting at night is direct from light sources (no indirect lighting). This works well for the most part, but it would be great to able to incorporate a little bounced GI at night as many indoor scenes become pitch black when lit from outside. SSGI would be great for this but by default it’s controlled via the Global Indirect Lighting slider in a post process volume.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to decouple SSGI from the global variable and have stay on at all times.
It’s odd that one fader controls Lightmaps, Volumetric Samples and SSGI amongst other things - any way to fade them individually would be much more useful.

Ideas welcome, thanks in advance.