Decorator not working unless i have invert condition selected

I have an issue with making a Ai… when i run my tree it fails at my decorator as in picture second picture is of it working when i click the invert Condition just wanting to know why this is happening so i dont have to have all my checks the oppersite to what they should be lol kinda annoying to do it that way and very confusing… thanks seccond photo is of the tick box selected and working

Oops sorry seems that the pictures are mixed up Seccond one seems to be it not working.

BT decorators are mainly for condition checking, and you have not overridden PerformConditionCheck function. The default implementation always returns ‘false’, so if you don’t override it the decorator will always “fail”. If you invert the condition, naturally, it will always succeed, and that’s exactly what you experience.



Oh ok thanks was not aware of this, is it a new thing in version 15? Just upgraded from 14 where I didn’t remember having that problem doing the same thing

Thanks heaps for your response I’ll look into doing that!