Declaration is incompatible

Hello I having error with header file that seems to be showing error in visual studio.

The project does compile but the header itself is showing errors that is part of my logger header

Visual Studio is showing the following error.

Severity	Code	Description	Project	File	Line	Suppression State
Error (active)	E0147	declaration is incompatible with "FLogCategoryLogTaskManagement LogTaskManagement" (declared at line 24 of "f:\Unreal Engine 4.19\UnrealPlugins\Plugins\TaskManagement\Source\TaskManagement\Private\TaskManagementLog.h")	UnrealPlugins	f:\Unreal Engine 4.19\UnrealPlugins\Plugins\TaskManagement\Source\TaskManagement\Private\TaskManagementLog.h	24	

and my TaskManagementLog.h contains the following

#pragma once

	Low level includes.

#include "CoreMinimal.h"
#include "Logging/LogVerbosity.h"
#include "Logging/LogCategory.h"
#include "Logging/LogMacros.h"

#include "CoreGlobals.h"


#include "Logging/LogSuppressionInterface.h"
#include "Logging/LogScopedCategoryAndVerbosityOverride.h"
#include "Logging/LogScopedVerbosityOverride.h"


Anyone know what I need to include to remove the error from Visual Studio

You must also add DEFINE_LOG_CATEGORY(LogCategory) somewhere in you cpp module

I already have that in place just not sure why it an issue. but I will go over the plugin again and see what going on. I post here again if I can figure it out. I using visual studio 2017 as well.

check sample here. In my plugin this is work just fine

I’m still getting this error as well… but my project just compiles fine. Is there anyway to at least make visual studio’s intellisense to ignore the error?