December #UE4JAM Submission Thread

Welcome to the December UE4JAM Submission thread!

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Team name : Owninator incorporated
Game name :Happyhappychoppychop
Team members :Owninator
Game description : You want to go party with your friends, but evil mutant zombie knights are in your way, choppy (ur axe) will help you on your travels
controlls : WSAD and E for choppy and P for ingame menu
all original assets? :I turned water into beer :slight_smile:
download : happypacked.rar - Google Drive

Team name: Games
List of team members:
Name of your submission: nomis

Description: Simple game of Simon. Only the beginning is the end. Repeat the pattern in reverse.

Notes: First finished jam. Picked something easy that I knew I could wrap up on limited time.

Link: Google Drive - Virus scan warning
edit: new link in case the top one is not working SmithGames_TreasureGrabber.rar - Google Drive
Team name: Smith Games
List of team members: TheSmith00
Name of your submission: SmithGames_TreasureGrabber

Didn’t think was going to make in time xD. The only thing better than Blueprints is bacon.

Filizitas - Thornwood

PLS send any bugreports as PM to me.
This was my first jam ever and i hope i made a good job on it :slight_smile:
Game will be unlocked when its 10 for me. 1 hour and a half from now.

marillo hamsterwheel

Download linux:
Team: marillo
Members: aniiram, spjoe
Name of submission: marillo_HamsterWheel
Description: Side scroller with no begining or end :wink:
Controls: A D for moving, space for jumping. Q for quiting level, R for replay level.
Notes: Our first jam
Just cause i saw awesomeallar, I now recognized that it is not obviouse that the speed increases over time (hint: speed is visible in the HUD). So the game gets harder :wink:
Team name : TeamAllshar
List of team members : Allshar
Name of your submission : TeamAllshar_TimeFall

My first go at a game jam. It was a lot harder than I expected and a final quality isn’t as great as I hoped, but still, I’m surprised that I was able to finish at all.
Can someone confirm that the download link works and that you can run my game? :stuck_out_tongue: It would be rather sad to fail in this area :slight_smile:

Epic Superduck In Space
When asteroid destroyed the world, only Superduck survived. Be Epic enough to get to the different universe and survive from all the asteroids.*

Download link

Derzo Studios

I am only member in my team.


This was my first game jam, had fun!

Working correctly :slight_smile:

Download: Dropbox - Error
Game Name: Find fuel and escape
Team name: Flo
List of team members : Neverwere
Name of your submission: Flo_FindFuelAndEscape

Description: Your car has run out of gas. Find some in the near house while evading the creatures of the forest.
Controls: W A S D = Move, F = Flashlight, G = Flare, E = PickUp/Activate
Every asset that is not from a UE template is created by me.

Team name: Games
List of team members:
Name of your submission

Description: A dark souls inspired game where the player is lost on his nightmare. To wake up, he/she needs to activate the bonfires on awakening. The idea is to free ourselves by ending our fears, in this case, the fear of dark and ghosts :stuck_out_tongue:

Controls: WSAD to move, space to dodge(not very good :P) and left mouse button to attack.

Hope you guys have fun playing it :smiley:

Another entry:

Game name: The beginning is the end…
Team name : One man band
Mouse driven game.

Team name: Small Titan
Team members: Small Titan
Game name: Backwardz Maze

With the beginning being the end, this maze is backwards. Start from the end and make your way to the start to complete the maze. Keyboard driven game. Use arrow keys to navigate the character. The arrow keys are backwards. press back arrow to go forward and vice versa. Camera angle can be altered with mouse if needed to adjust to the controls better.

Team Name: TinkurIt
Team Members: Tommy
Name of Submission: Tinkurit_AtoO
AtoO Download

I’ve been working with Unreal C++ stuff, and it’s awesome (just needed to state that); This submission does have a win state. I am looking forward to the awesomeness this month!!!

Team Name: (solo entry)
Name of submission: satomi

Game concept

download link

nVidia GPU required

Link: here

Team name:
List of team members:
Name of your submission: JK5000_New New Earth

The humans on the planet New Earth, know that a comet soon will come and destroy their planet. Therefore they try to escape to a new planet. It is your job to help them escape.


  • Use the mouse to click on buttons.
  • To move the camera use the RMB and move the mouse.
  • To stop a rocket from traveling, click on the rocket. (Note: The rocket first stop traveling when it returns to New Earth.)

The Goods Transport Rocket:

  • Cost 75 Metal.
  • Can carry 50 metal or 50 fuel or 50 food.
  • Can travel to all planets except New New Earth.

The Human Transport Rocket:

  • Cost 250 metal.
  • Can transport 500 people.
  • Can only travel to New New Earth.
  • A travel to New New Earth and back to New Earth cost 200 fuel and 50 food.


Try to break free of purgatory in this multiplayer game that has a twist

Link: Upload in progress …

Team Name: Fractur3D
List of team members**: tpoveda (Fractur3D)
Name of your submission: Fracture3D_SuperSeedReborn

You are a young farmer, you lave taking care of your seeds, some badass devil vegetables want to stole your seeds. Protect them!!! Give life to your seeds, they will protect you too!!!

Select seed type: (water, normal seed, explosive seed) using 1, 2 and 3 keys
Shoot water bullets: using left mouse button
Water :using right mouse button (it will give experience to seeds that are on the floor)
Jump: Space
Move: A and D or Left and Right Arrows

You must kill your enemies using your water shoots
You have unlimited water shoots but if you use water to water your seeds, you will have a limited amount. You can recover water in pools.
Your seeds are very useful, if you shoot them to the floor and you water them enough time your seeds will evolve into flowers that will atack your enemies. That flowers will die in 5 seconds.
When you kill your enemies, they drop seeds that you can recolect. Also you will gain points.


IMPORTANT: The games is not finished because time problems, some of the funcionalities are not available in the GameJam version of the game.

– NEWS --**
Ok, I have been trying to package my prototype game during the last 4 hours without result. Unreal Engine was telling me that I didn’t have installed Visual Studio 2013. I have unistall VS 2013 and reinstall, I have unistall Unreal Engine 4.10.1 and reinstall without success. Now, I have find the solution, it seems that Unreal 4.10.1 was compilled using Visual Studio 2015 (version from Epic Games Launcher) and I have to use that version of Visual Studio to generate my .exe. Sooooo, now I’m trying to install Visual Studio 2015 and generate my pack. This is horrible :frowning:

This is the download link of the executable.

Team name: Equilaterus
The Patashnik Parable

Description: This is the story of Patashnik, a 2D videogame character that must begin a journey across his arcade machine. The story begins when a player reaches the end of the game and Patashnik must get into the game it self.

List of team members: Juan Felipe Cañizares, Sebastian Escobar, Edwin Osorio, Manuel Sánchez, Cañizares.

Controls: W,A,S,D to move, mouse to look.


About the project:
This is our first gamejam, it was really fun. We were about to kill each other and abort the game, but at the end we finally finished it. :slight_smile:

We had a problem with backed lights, so all lights are dynamic.

Creative commons: This project uses CC content from:
“Special Ops”, “Tomorrow” By Scott Buckley (
“Holograma Waves” By The Mugris (The Mugris - Free Music Archive)
“Juno” By Chronox (Artist: Chronox - Free Music Archive )
“Cinematic Hit” By PatrickLieberkind (Freesound - PatrickLieberkind Freesound - Luftrum)
And some other Public Domain and CC0 multimedia content.

Team Name: Big Boot
Team Members: Tunana, mqua1991 and ShellyPixiie

Name of your submission: The Ghoul Gang

Extra info: First game jam we’ve participated in so be gentle. There’s a bug that we’ve only picked up on in the packaged version of the game where the enemies can get caught under/behind the walls which we haven’t been able to recreate and fix in the editor. It’s a small of happening but just to let you know. Lastly, all assets were made this weekend apart from 2 particle effects from the Infinity Blade content , and another from the Unreal Starter Content. Thanks!

Experiment 32 - By Coruja Games

Torrent Link: Download
**Direct Link: ** Download
Team: Coruja Games
Game Name: Experiment 32