Decals, We need more.

So, I think we can all agree Decals are amazing, they can make scenes really look great with little work. But they are so difficult to find. I understand there are a few on marketplace but they are either Paint,blood or bullet holes.

I personally would love some Ground decals, Mud, Puddles, Anything outdoors and Ground related. If anyone is working on this or know of a great place to get them, I would love to know.

I agree, we need more

I made some footprint decals :expressionless: Unfortunately, it’s not quite as interesting when you consider it’s really only a normal map imprint into the sand and a wet footprint, basically a simple texture.

I agree, mud, water puddles, potholes, etc. would all be very interesting. And with UE4’s official parallax occlusion shader, it may be possible to have potholes that sink into the ground and don’t have to be modeled out!

Are you looking simply for the textures? Have a look here:

Or are you looking for some fancy materials?

Yes yes yes yes. Do materials that can be used for decals.

Water Blood Dirt Mud Holes Hay Rust Moos!

Yea, I think everybody in the Dev community knows about gametextures, I Just personally have alot of trouble with their stuff. It works sometimes and then it doesn’t work, Its all over the place with them. Or maybe it’s just me.

Trying to make puddle textures right now and im about ready to tear my hair out