Decals projection question

Is there a way to stop decals from projecting on ladscape? I wan’t to place some moss decals on my rocks, but I don’t want them to go over to landscape and I can’t seems to figure out how to do it…

Hello Kligan,

From what you describe you want a decal that is rendered on your rocks. You don’t want them to be rendered on the landscape you have your rocks on. On method would be to change the size of the decal so that they do not come in contact with the landscape itself.

Another way you can try is to go to the material you have for your decal. Under the details panel, inside of you material, scroll down to the usage section. In this section there are many flags to determine how the material is used inside of your scene. Check to make sure that use with landscape is not check on. If you change your material to deferred decal these flags are greyed out by default. You will need to switch the material to something like surface in order to enable these flags again. From there you can check and uncheck these flags as you need them.

Thanks! I saw those options and was wondering why were they greyed out? It didn’t occur to me to try to switch material type to use these options and then switching back to deferred decal. It seems… a bit odd way to do it. I mean, why are they greyed out if turns out you can use them anyway? Oh, well!

In version 4.18, this option is not available under the materials usage section, is there a new way to disable decals from projection on the landscape mesh?