Decals on landscape.

Tdk. how i can disable receive decals for landscape?

This might be what you are after: 1.5 - Receives Decals Off | Unreal Engine Documentation

Nope, Landscape dnt have recieves decals’ switch…

yes, any news on this?

Got it, you can set the “Decal Response (DBuffer)” in your Landscape Materiel to “None”. This stop the Landscape Material recieving Decals :slight_smile:


Just to clarify this, you also need to make your decal a dbuffer decal and not a regular decal! Good luck google searchers

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On 4.26, I found out by accident that you can access the Landscape Components in your Landscape Actor with GetComponentsByClass. You can use SetReceiveDecals on the components, even if there’s no UI for it. This sorta suggests it’s unintended behavior, but if it’s a bug, I’d argue it’s a feature.