Decals on character

Good evening,

I was trying to put a decal of blood on my character after pressing a key, the decal works really well on other objects in the scene :

But the parts of red that should be displayed on the character just turns in a weird black :

As it must be a decal I can’t adjust it to masked instead of translucent and I don’t quite see how I could make it work.

If you know a way please explain it, it would be really nice.

Thank you,

Thank you so much Eric Ketchum.

I did as you said and it worked for the Decal but you are right, I will look into using an overlay texture on the final material it’s probably more appropriate.

Thank you again

Hey Eresea -

Decals take lighting information from the object that they are placed upon, so the bright blue default main could be providing so much blue color into the lighting information for the decal.

You could try to up the value of the color information by multiplying by a constant. You may want to look at ultimately not using decals and using an overlay texture in your character’s final material controlled by a scalar variable which then can be set in your Character’s blueprint by the same key press.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum