Decals not working properly

I’m spawning a decal on a line trace hit. All that works fine, the decal appears how i want it in direct light but fades to transparent when not directly facing the light source. I have done everything that has been advised in other posts in regards to Dbuffer decals. Can someone please help me with this. I am using a Decal from game textures but i have tried it with other decals from the market place and i have the same result.

In light


Away from light

My decal

ini file

Project settings

Added a copy of my ini file… maybe iv got that wrong?

Never mind. I had not changed the blend mode to a dbuffer mode.

Just curious, how did you manage to have your hit decals on your character not effect the world around it? Such as the decal being cast on the floor once the character fell to the ground.

You need to go to your floor mesh details and uncheck “Receives Decals”. Sorry for the late reply.