Decal Quickstart tutorial - Free Blood Pack Download

Here’s another tutorial.

In this one, we cover how to setup decals. I have also provided some samples i quickly threw together and you can use these royalty free in your projects.

Blood Pack:’s%20Blood%20Pack.rar

Hope it helps!


Very cool, nice work!

Very good! thank you very much!

Thanks .

No problem Korben! :smiley:

Nice!, thank you very much Tesla!

I love how quick and succinct your tutorials are :smiley: Thanks!

Cheers leonn, i like to keep them short and focused :slight_smile:

+1 for short and meaningful tutorials. I personally feel its a waste of time when the author is browsing the directories etc. or keeps repeating irrelevant basics. Kudos to your well thought out tutorials. I know it takes a lot of skill and preparation to have the right amount of details while teaching.

thank! very simple!

No problem!

Thanks darkZ! Appreciate that!

helpful tutorial, thanks mate. :slight_smile:

Tesla you are a real credit to this community. Thanks for this, we want to use these a lot in our game.

Thanks mate. No problem, am happy to serve the community :wink: Feel free to use them! Would love to see what other people use them for

Very nice Tesla.

I know this thread is a bit older, but I kind of have a question.
First of all thank you very much for this free blood pack and the tutorial.
I’m using the top down view template and as soon as my character walks over that decal, the character becomes bloody till like chest and I would like to know how I get rid of that

Thanks for the free stuff. I find your tutorials really useful Tesla…

Very simple, thank you

Hello Tesla you are really perfect man i love you i need you about Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you! ^-^

OMG its tesla!!! I Watched all your Tutorialös!!! You are so great!