Decal Quickstart tutorial - Free Blood Pack Download

Hey man thanks a lot for this new understanding how things work for me.

I did all of the decals in this pack like your youtube tutorial.

I have materials on the floor and the wall all set top a scale of 4 and 4.

when i right click and place the deferred decal actor of any of these decals…they look just like they should…nice and shiny and splatty.

If i do the sdame on the floor…they become rectangles and the decal is like streaks across the rectangle…albeit shiny and stuff…these dont look right and i cant think of a reason why. Any help?

All these blocks are BSP

Thanks in advanced

Can someone quickly and simply explain why do I need to create a normal?

Hey thanks for this post, i´m using it right now.

So, i downloaded it, but it wont let me import it into UE4. I wanted to use a blood decal for this red room on a horror hospital level for my game class…All i need is blood decals to really put the nail in the coffin.

Tesla, Do you know, and could you explain how to spawn that same blood decal you made once an enemy dies via that enemy’s blueprint using Spawn Decal?

Edit: Actually found a workaround by keeping a decal in the enemies blueprint as hidden, and then toggling visibility once he dies. It looks horrible so far, the decals look like lines instead of spatters, but hey, it’s a start…

File not found :frowning:

Files gone my dude.

Link does not work