Decal on a Static Mesh? Pawn

Is it possible to place a decal on a Static Mesh and have it move with it? Like a sticker? See below:

For some reason I see nothing on the Mesh. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi -

If you are using standard lighting (non-dynamic) then make sure that you are using the DBuffer Decals which will show up in Static lighting otherwise you will need to use Dynamic Lighting or the Decal will disappear in Shadows. As long as you spring arm is rigid enough and you move the blueprint as a while (Target Self) then the decal should move with the Actor.

Ok, so the decal highlighted above isn’t visible. I don’t see a Dbuffer option in its details panel. The second I added it as a component and set it’s material it actually never became visible.


Hope you had a great Easter Holiday! Still having the dickens trying to figure this one out. As you can see the decal is selected, has a material but is still invisible when selected. And it doesn’t seem to appear at all when previewing.

Is there an Option I need to ‘tick on’?




If I remember correctly, I think you need to rotate your decal so it points to the ground.

By default, they are configured to be used on vertical surfaces.

Re, Debuffer Decals