Decal not rendering on glass


I’m relatively new. I have this project and I need to place a decal on a glass surface. However, it doesn’t display.
I’m using the decal component, loaded a material that is set to Deferred Decal, Translucent and then DBuffer Translucent Color (since I’m only using a Base color, not even opacity)

Thanks a lot in advance!

I have the same situation as you, not knowing how to solve it, hope we will solve it soon ps5 release date

Look, I get it, it’s a translucent material on a glass and it makes sense that it’s not rendering but maybe there’s some kind of workaround. I thought of something which is placing a plane onto the glass and instead of using a decal, I’m just using a normal alpha-masked image which is absolutely fine for what I need but I’m sure it’s not the best option. Anyway, if nobody else comes up with a better idea, I hope that one can help you! :slight_smile: