Decal Materials Issue!

hey guys another noob question here. I have went through all the documentation i could find. Youtube, unreal wiki etc etc and can’t seem to find a fix. So basically when applying Decal Materials in my level they are very light and see through. Even when i stack them they get darker but the actual color never seems to show. images below. Thanks!


BUMP still have not found the issue. Any ideas guys?

Try Dbuffer Translucent Color instead of Stain for blend mode. If you dont have it on the list put those commands


in Engine/Config/ConsoleVariables.INI and restart the editor.

I have it on the list, but it doesn’t show up at all in the level now :frowning: But i just realied UE4 Mobile doesn’t support decals, so now im not even sure how i am going to do this lol

Use polygon planes, decals are expensive to render…

Ahh ok. Yea I was looking into that lol. Thanks guys

so I am trying to figure out this same issue with the decals. I added the lines of code and now my unreal editor freezes on launch.