Decal is dark

I am working on a growth system in my game, and I have a very basic decal which I can drop into the map, and it looks perfect.

Basically what I have now, is when the player hits T, it creates a growth, which changes it’s scale over 5 seconds.
The growth is a blueprint, which contains a decal, which has an initial scale of 0.1, and scales up to 1 over the same period of time.

The growth mesh itself (a blob) has almost the same material as the decal, except the fact that the decal has an opacity mask and is a decal.

If I place this decal into the level, it is lit correctly. But inside of the blueprint, it is not lit correctly.

I thought that maybe instead of just having a decal as a child inside of a blueprint, that I could just spawn a decal instead, but that doesn’t solve the issue either :frowning:

Am I missing something here? I am not really too experienced with material creation just yet, so it’s probably that I just am missing something.
Also, is it possible for me to scale the size of the mask inside of the decal over time rather than scaling the actual decal within the growth blueprint?

And here is the material itself:

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Well…the issue is solved.

The problem was that the decal wasn’t projecting towards the surface, it was projecting away from it.

In the blueprint, I have had to reverse the projection direction of the decal.

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