Decal doesn't cover whole surface of mesh

ok so i have purchased the Top down sci-fi and i wanted to turn it into a horror type game so i started using blood decals the only problem is that the decal only covers the metal parts of the mesh surface. i know for a fact that the problem isn’t the mesh since when i used a black material on it the decal would cover the whole surface so it has something to do with the material

i am guessing the material of the mesh has several layers and the decal is covering one underneath please help i have been playing around with the material attributes and currently i have had no luck i even only connected the base color but that didn’t help
also the meshes have two uv channels if that has to do with anything i would appreciate help alot! thanks!

i have attached two picture showing the problem as you can see the blood covers the metal part of the surface but not the surrounding panels!

[alt text][2]

ok i think i have provided everything needed no one has any thing to offer? after so long? please if any one has any idea just blurt it out! it might put me in the right direction!

thanks in advance :wink:

is this an unsolvable problem? any body?

(the camera slowly zooms out as you hear the echo of his trembling fading last words… any… one??..)