Decal deformation

Is it possible to deform Decals like textures on a mesh?
Im wondering if that works somehow, since i need a method to be able to project textures, that can be animated, on a mesh. Sort of like on a display/computer screen.

You can use world space texture projection with vertex interpolation to deform it

Greetings @efekiller420

Were you able to resolve this issue with the information 3dRaven provided?

No, it hasn’t been very useful. Though I could not come up with any explanation which could advance the resolving of the issue, which is why i haven’t replied yet.

I’ve resorted to “deforming” decals by the use of meshes and Custom Depth Stencils to create a sort of “illusion” that the decal is projected on a mesh.
Though, this method only works for single-color textures.