Decal Component in ActorBP

They work as BP components, they just dont have billboard icons so it can be difficult to see at first. Select your decal, align it to a surface and then rotate it(on X or Y axis i think) until it appears.

Hey <3,

I made a custom Room in a Blueprint and I want to add a Decal in this Room (in the Actor Blueprint itsself). So, I clicked on Add Component, Decal and put my Material on it. But it doesn’t appear. When I make a Decal in the level everything works, but in the Actor BP as Decal Component, no chance. Do I miss something, or are Decals not working on Blueprints?

Solved by scaling with 200 :3

hi, i scale and rotate it, but anyway it doesn’t show.

4.11 resolved

One thing I encountered was the default rotation of the decal component was rendering my bitmap “on edge”. After rotating it came into view and worked.