Decal appearing very pale

I started with the Minimal_Default map found in the Starter Content. I placed a cube into this level and then a decal material onto the cube. The image of the Decal is pale, like the alpha is only at 50%.

I am trying to create a security camera decal. This is how I made it. The image of the decal is a feed from a SceneCapture2D camera. I make a RenderTarget Material and pipe it into the Scene Capture 2D texture target. I then make a decal material using the RenderTarget Material as the texture for the decal.

I have read that you need to use dynamic lights and also bake the lighting, but this has no effect! Can anyone advise why I am not getting a solid vibrant decal?

Thanks in advance.

Which decal blend mode does the material use?

To get nice dark decals you need to use one of the DBuffer options (which need to be enabled in Project Settings > Rendering first)

The problem seems to now be related to the object the decal is being applied to. I can now see the decal in full color on one object, but on the other object it is faded. Both objects are Static Meshes, and they both share the same base material. Also the attributes of both appear to be the same.

One object I exported from the Decal Content Examples and this object shows the decal at 100%. The other object is a basic cube object created in the editor.

Could it have something to do with UVs ? Or tessellation ?