Debugging input that was not working

Hi. I just wanted to share a story. Because it was very confusing to me and took me a long time to figure out…
I wanted to check out how to set up VR, to get an idea of what future development might be like in Unreal.
I have a Oculus Quest and a Link Cable so I enabled the SteamVR plugin.

Assuming that their API would be all I need.
I start it up, and it shows up on my VR device works right away.
Cool, then we’re set…

Next up is testing how to do input and motion controllers.
Input for button clicks and touch sensors seems to be working fine.
But the following events are totally broken:

  • Oculus Touch (L) Thumbstick X
  • Oculus Touch (L) Thumbstick Y
  • Oculus Touch (R) Thumbstick X
  • Oculus Touch (R) Thumbstick Y

It did not work at all.
I searched for issues in regaurds to it, and found articles telling me to try out the VR Template project.
After trying that out, the input worked and registered there like I expected.

Turns out, the only difference I could find in the example project was that they also had the Oculus plugin enabled.
As well as the SteamVR plugin. So even though it’s communicating through the SteamVR API, it needs to have the Oculus plugin available to map the buttons correctly for the Oculus Quest it seems.

Hope someone finds this useful.