debugging in VR headset?

Hi there. I’m trying to debug an architectural visualization project in VR with the HTC VIVE Headset.
The problem is that i can’t find any way to debug Stat fps or Stat unit because the text appears too small and (in the case of fps) appears in the far-up-right corner of the screens (in the headset) which makes impossible to read.
I’ve found some other people suffering the same issue but nobody seems to have the right answer. Is there any way to tell the engine to write the info where it can be seen?, i.e. padding it to the middle of the headset view?, or scale the text?. Maybe via execute console command in bp?. It makes vr impossible to debug this way which is a big problem.
Thanks in advance

does anyone have any input on this? I was able to see console just fine in steamVR valve index, but now I can’t, and can no longer see stat anything