"Debug render buffer" for inspecting intermediate shader values

Is it possible to create a “debug buffer” for inspecting intermediate values in a shader?

When I write shaders for offline renderers I frequently use arbitrary output variables to output a value from the middle of a code path. I can flip between the final render and the AOV buffer to see what the intermediate values look like, and how they contribute to the final image.

With a simple material I can kludge my way through a this sort of workflow by connecting intermediate nodes to the emissive color node and viewing the model unlit. But with a complex material - for example a thin translucent material with a nonstandard lighting node - the unlit view no longer contains just the emissive color.

Is this sort of workflow supported by UE’s material editor? I’m aware of the “DebugFloat3Values” node but that just shows me a single RGB value. I was hoping to see a rendered representation of all the values across the surface.