Debug on Device Process for iOS Hardware Information

Would it be possible to get a step-by-step set of instructions for debugging on iOS devices through Xcode. I’ve seen some back and forth on AnswerHub that it’s possible, but nowhere is the process laid out simply. I know you have to compile in Xcode, and then there’s a second step to copy the assets to the device.

Right now, when working on iOS projects, I’m at a severe handicap to not be able to use Xcode’s debugger when running on device. I know it’s possible, but I’ve wasted many hours trying to figure out the process without figuring it out fully.

Thanks so much!

  1. Launch on device from editor
  2. Kill game on iOS device
  3. Launch from XCode

This has worked for me. Not sure how to run against a packaged build as the file system doesn’t seem to match - must be a configuration for that somewhere though.


Thanks. I got it working finally. The only thing I’ll add here, is that I had to switch to a “by the book” build in the editor so that it copied all the assets over to the device. In theory, “on the fly” should work, but it hasn’t for me. Either way, I appreciate the help, as not being able to debug on device has been killing me.