Debug info (stat FPS etc) in 4.19 (VR mode)

As we know, Epic Games has made few changes in VR rendering params (Significant Changes Coming To VR Resolution Settings in 4.19 - Unreal Engine)

Now it’s impossible to see any info from stat FPS, stat UNIT and other debug commands when you are in VR (HTC Vive). Logs just outside the screen. We can only see something after setting vr.PixelDensity to lower values (like 0.6) from 1, but it ruins the graphics.

Is there any way to fix location of debug info without changing pixel density?

I also have this problem! Following

I also have this problem too!

I’ve the same Problem…

I already play around with the “debug canvas padding” values in project settings… nothing changed. And cheked " debug Canvas in layer" in project settings… nothing changed… instead of that the very small console keeps visible in Steam VR even if I close the VR Preview in Editor. Very strange.

It would be awsome if someone can help, so that we can see debug infos again in VR and on the mirrored screen in a Fontsize > 2

Only way i know of, is to use Mordentrals Plugin which has a virtual console. It’s a shame though that Epic games don’t provide a better way of showing debug info for us :frowning:

Edit: I just realized that it does not show the stat info :frowning: sorry, so i don’t know, but following in case someone comes up with a way.

Also suffering from this, makes simple profiling very hard in VR.

Also having this problem.

Same issue, has anyone found a way to fix this?..

Hey guys,

Tested on my end with rift, looks like the info is only unreadable at values < .5 or > 1.5. I could be wrong, but pixel density values outside of this range seem… extreme…

Try the console command vr.debugcanvasinlayer


Just a heads up, the behavior of it working seems specific to the Rift. I tried it on a Vive and a WMR device, and the stats are outside the viewing area (with pixeldensity=1), but on a Rift they are visible.

On Vive and WMR I can get the stats visible by changing pixeldensity to, say, 0.6, but since I’m turning on stats to investigate performance issues, it kinda defeats the purpose since that affects performance.

Changing the pixel density will affect the captured data. This data is needed if you are looking into how the game is performing while in VR mode. Neither changing the pixel density or NOT running the game in the mode (VR) that it is intended to work in are acceptable. Either a proper fix or a proper work-around is necessary.

I am also affected by this.