Deadhold - RTS in UE4

Hey everyone, wanted to let you know about a new RTS/MOBA we’re developing called Deadhold. We’re rapidly developing this in Unreal 4 and having a blast doing it. Everyone on the team is an experienced Unreal Engine developer (worked on games like Borderlands 1 and 2, Frontlines, Homefront, and others) as well as having made Myth 3 and come from the old Bungie community. Our intent is to give you something new, it’s a new RTS for today, and we pay attention to the roots of classic RTS gaming.

We’re early in development, but here’s our intro video, with links to more videos to see:


We are completely functional in Unreal 4. Our first Multiplayer playtest video will be posted this Friday, we’re building almost all of our gameplay with blueprints, and as I said before we’re moving very fast towards a playable beta. Hope you guys love it as much as we do, thanks!

Richard Cowgill
Design Lead - Deadhold
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Although you can find this video if you look for it, I thought I would just post it directly. Being the UE4 community you guys might be interested in some of the features/tech we’re using in Unreal and get a closer look at the game too. So here’s a Deadhold Unreal 4 Tech Video we made to describe some of the things we’re doing:


Thanks for giving us a look… feel free to ask any questions you might have!

Richard Cowgill
Design Lead - Deadhold
Web - Youtube - Facebook

wow thats so epic, good job people! looks really exciting :slight_smile:

Looks !

VR support per chance?

Most of the people working on it are pretty interested in Oculus. We have spent some time figuring out how to best make it work/take advantage of it.

Nice REC! Saw some of your earlier videos on YouTube - love where this is going.

Looks really solid , nice work !

This looks great, loving the vlogs :slight_smile:

Looks really cool! :smiley:

Hey, excited to hear about this. It looks pretty cool, I’m looking forward to seeing where you take it!

(Even if I’m going to miss the creepy blue crash dummies.)

This looks badass, it’s right up my alley. The MOBA part scared me at first but looking at your current footage I think it’ll be all good :wink:

Stoked to play it one day!

The force of the explosions should be higher imo. Great work so far.

Is the environment going to be destructible?

Yep I agree the explosion force should be greater. And you know UE4 makes destructible environments pretty easy. =)


Our first multiplayer playtest using U4. On different coasts via cable modem. UE4 replicates events really well!

Fantastic work so far REC! I would love to give this a shot once it is ready to be released. I really liked the celebration at the end of the multiplayer play-test video. Can’t wait to see an update on this project. Keep up the great work!

Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see more!
Quick questions: Are the animations still WIP? You should make them more…fluid.
Also…Can we control the hero? I would love to control it just like in that MOBA, Smite :smiley:

Great Atmosphere! (and music choice ;))

Thanks guys! Well in short, everything is WIP still. The game is pre-alpha, so we are still in design and testing phases where we are trying things out. But I’ve said it before, we’re moving very fast. I imagine we will have a public beta this year, maybe sooner. =)

Richard Cowgill
Design Lead - Deadhold
Web - Youtube - Facebook



Our first playtest on the new map