Dead Zone chase for endless runner?

Hello guys i think this question written in the past :confused: but i cannot find solution for my problem…
Im trying make endless runner project normally im make a wall chase my player with projectile movement …so everything okkey but i want make a ramp = my character’s "z"location UP or Down in map and my “dead wall” moving just forward its cannot chase my player’s “z” location :confused: im trying make “AI move To” but its dont work and my wall stuck in air…

Thanks and sorry for my bad english :confused:

for ai move to i believe you would need a nav mesh which wouldnt work in your situation. to solve your issue though i would look into constraining planar movement if your wall is a pawn. planar movement means you can limit the axis that the actor can move on. i tested this with a flying and projectile movement and it worked.

Thanks for answer bro but can u show me with some screen shot ? :confused:

its pretty simple so you shouldnt really need a screen shot but o well i suppose. open your actor and select its movement component. then in the details panel look for the planar movement section, check the constrain to plane box, then for the plane constraint axis set that to z. this will limit the movement on the Z axis, meaning the actor can only move on the x and y.

combine that with the projectile movements homing option and your set. well youll need to tweak the speed and acceleration a bit but otherwise.


Thanks bro!!! i will try! ^^