Dead End: Open World Survival Game

Great models.

Perhaps. Depending on the work perhaps we could swap code for Art.

Thank for you your feedback! :cool:

please email us at for any business inquires. Thank you!

Shot you an email, interested in Blueprint / Technical Design for you, from importing and setting up assets and materials to prototyping game features and cinematics.

Thanks! keep checking your emails. We will reaching out to everyone who has emailed us.

Shot you guys an email.

Thank you requisits0, we will contact you shorty! please keep checking your email.

The content so far looks very impressive! Clearly a creative team right here :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing Dead End’s progression.

Thanks JammyJBW, We can’t wait to share it with you =)

Weekly Update (First update here, 6th update overall) So this is weekly update 6.

A bit of a slow week, learning new things about the engine. The art pipeline is different, new things to learn for lightmapping, and setting up the collision, so a slow week was expected. We did, however, get several new members, and we now list all of our members on our website. So check that out under “Our Team” here:, don’t forget to sign up while you are over there!

So in terms of updates, we have 4 pictures to show you, first up is the chainlink fence. Part of the reason its taking a lot of time is, I am using this asset to learn UE4, and the new PBR materials. But next week it will be done and in engine (there are several chainlink fence variations I have done).

Next is the storage unit buildings you may of seen on Crydev. I had these in game in cryengine, but I am transferring them over now. So far I have one in the engine.

Next is two shots of some street props our other artist, Samm, is working on. They will be used all over, to populate towns and other areas. These are still WIP, so no textures yet, but we thought we would show everyone.

Still lots of learning to do, especially the material editor, its nice having custom shaders, unlike cryengine. But its also a lot to learn, so give us some time to adjust and we should pick up the pace fairly quickly, see you guys next week!


Im in love with your project :slight_smile: It has inspired me…!

It’s Awesome!

Well thank you, we can’t wait to show you the rest!

Thanks you Saif Punk! =)

Weekly Update 7

So we didn’t update last week, because we have been busy with our first big area in the game, a town. We won’t be updating weekly, but bi-weekly now, because we are still learning the new PBR workflow, still designing the town, and still modeling the town. There is a lot to be done, including textures, which will be hand sculpted in ZBrush, as opposed to photo source. It may be a while before I post any major updates, considering the amount of work we have left before its showable. But I will post small prop updates, etc, every 2 weeks, to show people what we are up to.

This week our programmer made advances in our inventory system and storage system, which allows containers in game. He also set up a blueprint so we can select any container and assign an inventory to it, including how much that container can hold, etc.

I have been modeling a gas station for the town, and have been working on a gas pump, and gas station canopy. These are still WIP, as I have yet to decide on a name for the station, plus some other small details that need done.

The forums won’t let me post images for some reason, I keep getting a “this is not a valid image file” error, so here are links to the pictures.

All the weapons look top notch, good work. keep it up!

Looking good, I love the name too!

Thank you for all your feedback! We are currently working really hard on bring you guys the best!

You have my attention good sir! Looking great, keep it up!