Dead End: Open World Survival Game

What is Dead End?

Dead End is a survival game like you have never played before, not only does it focus on things like hunger and thirst, but you will also battle things like sickness, disease, weather, each other, and who can forget the zombies?

Dead End is about the human element of survival, its not about mindless zombie killing, or who can get the most kills, its about who lasts the longest, who you become and tough choices. Morality will matter, the more bad things you do, the worse of a person you become, the more good things you do, the better of a person you are.

Who will you be? The moral compass of the world, who holds onto former humanity? A ruthless bandit, who steals and kills their way to the top of the food chain. Or something in between?

The Team

Right now we have 7 people, 5 of which are 3d artists (they also texture their assets), the other 2 members being a web developer/2d artist, and an animator. We are always looking to expand so go check out our recruitment thread if you want to help out!

**Progress **

Originally we started in CRYENGINE 3.5, but once we got emails saying Unreal Engine 4 was out, we basically knew we were switching right away. The reasons being fairly obvious, a smoother workflow, better tools, more support, a more friendly and active community, along with many others. We don’t want to bash Cryengine, as it is a nice engine, but Unreal Engine 4 is just better suited for what we are doing. We are currently in the early stages of development, currently trying to get more people to help out, we have a lot of assets completed, and are currently starting on our first in game environment. We would like to get programmers and UI artists to get some of the core mechanics in game, and test them. We don’t have any planned release dates, as I don’t like to promise something that I am not entirely sure of. I can say that as of now, we have plans for a closed alpha, which will include our team, and community members we select. But this alpha testing will be far off. Atleast until we get the core mechanics in game along with an environment or two.

Progress Pictures


Contact Us

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1 word AWESOME

Haha, Thank you!

we are working hard to get you guys more content but stay tuned! It gets better =)

Sign-up DONE!:wink:

Lots of good looking props so far, I sub’d ! :slight_smile:

Great assets man, don’t forget to consider adding some to the marketplace when it goes live :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback TUrnaround and bobbyremone! We are working hard and will show off more content as soon as we can. We will look into the market place idea

I must say this does look pretty decent. Unfortunately most of these types of games will get compared to DayZ. However from what you’ve shown it does look good.

Question regarding the website. Did you get it made by a professional website design company or an online outlet? It’s really good.

Keep up the good work!

Well thank for your feedback, We have our own web designer on our team that designed it… (me) haha! To you point about DayZ, yeah it has to do with zombies but the game will be different in many ways then DayZ, i wish i could share with you the plans we have but you will see soon enough. =)

sounds fun the market has kinda gotten a little crowded with survival games lately but id love to see something like that in Unreal Engine 4 its advanced lighting features could really capture the mood ;-).

Thanks Evenios! i mean any game that has to do with zombie survival is going to be put up to a DayZ like game but we plan on take a new path to zombie survival gameplay and cant wait to share it with you.

Good luck in finding a programmer. Props look good and it appears you guys are getting organized and show promise, but I am kinda turned off by Zombie games at the moment. The market is too saturated with them even for a well polished game.

Thank you! Maybe we can change your mind in the future about zombie games :stuck_out_tongue: