Dbuffer decals and decal response

So I was having the issue with the decals not showing up in indirect light and found the solution to add these lines of code:


to the baseEngine file like stated [HERE][1].

Using this solution the materials that you are projecting onto need have the decal response set to ‘color normal roughness’ which it is by default. But I seem to lose all spec info, but by changing it to ‘none’ I get my spec info but the decals don’t show up on the material…

Heres some images to show what I mean…

So you can see the issue… it makes my bricks look smooth and shiny, but allows the decals to work.

Hello ! I have exactly the same problem … finally, have you get a solution for this issue ? thank

haha no sorry, man, I just kinda left the bricks looking half ■■■■■■ - I haven’t really tested it in the newer versions of the engine so I’m not sure whats changed. They should probably fix it soon though, its kind of important.

You should see more than two options. Under Decal Response, I have None, Color, Normal, Roughness, and every possible combination of those.

If you want color decals that don’t adjust your materials roughness, change it to just Color. If you want your decal to just affect your Roughness - let’s say you have a scrolling water decal, for example - choose just Roughness.

Obviously, if you choose “None,” then no decals will render on that material’s surface.