[DayDream]Texture loses in packaged VR games

Packaged VR games for daydream. However, texture is not able to shown in game. Anyone please kindly suggest how to fix, thx.

Also, media texture is also missing. Or the media is not able to be played while they are able to played in editor

Which Android texture type did you export as? How is the texture used? Is it in a material that is not shown? Best to solve that problem first before the media player texture

HI AussieBurger, material are shown in daydream. But I have not idea about how to tweak media player texture. Are there any settings must be applied for packaging the daydream project?

A few thing to check. Did you put the mp4 in Content/Movies? And, check the media player file path does not have an absolute directory path to the movie file on your PC’s drive; it needs to be relative to the project. Click on browse and select it again (should end up ./Content/Movies/mymovie.mp4, for example, NOT f:\myproject\Content\Movies\mymovie.mp4).

Hi, I was facing the same issue and then I sorted it out by configuring the packaging option inside project settings (you need to expand the packaging section to find this option).
Make sure you include your folder in the Additional Non-Asset Directories to Package option. Hope it helps.

Whenever you create a new folder with your own textures/materials you will need to include the directory (parent directory) in Additional Assets Directory to cook option.