Daydream Google Play rejections, due to Daydream controller

Even if we implemented the standard buttons to the Daydream controller, with minimal functionality of the controller (pause/reset game=app button,start game=touch button), into our experience, we received repeated rejections from Google Play publishing, due to bad implementation of the controller. We suspect that there is a bug over our control, to the implementation of the basis functionality of the controller over the Daydream interface menu.

We tested the game with the Daydream Emulator, as long we do not own the Daydream HMD itself, we’re doing the test with a standard hmd.

What is your question?

I would recommend actually having the full Daydream setup to test with, if you’re going to try to ship to users of that platform.

Yeah, and the water gets warm, if you put the boiler on.

Nonsense testing in a not emulated environment, if the controller system reserved settings, are not correcly implemented for publishing, into the engine.

Testing on a cardboard + daydream emulated environment, it quite enough for now.

Hey jined,

I replied to your query via your answerhub post:

I don’t understand what this sentence means.
I don’t understand what it is you want.
Do you have a question? If so, what is the question?
Do you have a request? If so, what is the specifics of the request?

Yes, thanks.

But i suspect that the “reserved” setting into the home button of the controller, it is not working properly into some devices… and it is something we have no control over it.

Anyway i am not 100% sure.