[Daydream] Does UE4 need to be built from source for Daydream development.

Hello all, I’m going through the setup process for Daydream development and I’ve come to the point where the instructions state to “Download and build the latest version of the Unreal Engine with Google VR.”. I just watched a few tutorials on YouTube about getting started with Daydream development. The YouTube instructions were consistent with all other steps in the setup process but made no mention of building Unreal from source. Does the newest version of UE4 have native support for Daydream or am I still required to build from source.

You get native Daydream support since 4.15. I’d recommend using 4.16 though for the latest googlevr sdk updates :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I saw that 4.16 was out last night and figured I’d give it a shot. Everything went well. I look forward to learning more about UE4.