Daydream Controller recentering and UE4

How to react to recentering by the user with the home button in UE4?

There is mention of it being possible with Unity in the doc:

but nothing for UE4 :frowning: My game is a 360 game where the menu can appear at any HMD yaw. Recentering with the Daydream controller always moves the HMD back to Yaw 0 which means my menu is then located somewhere else but not centered. Ideally HMD yaw is not changed on a recenter only the controller is recentered to the current HMD yaw. Alternatively we need at least an event.

I also requested some from google side here:
but the issues section there seems dead. :frowning:

According to the requirements: Daydream App Quality Requirements - Design  |  Google VR

unfortunately we do not know when the Home button is pressed so it’s not possible to calculate the offset.

For now I have done a dirty workaround in my blueprints to get it working but it’s definitely not ideal and would not fit to every use case.

Same Answerhub query here: Daydream Controller recentering and UE4 - UE4 AnswerHub

I’ve noticed this too. I’m going to investigate the source code :slight_smile:

Google answered my query here:

and I found the blueprint node hidden here: googlevr_recenter.png