Daydream/Cardboard 6DOF Questions


I am currently trying to setup my Pixel3 as a Daydream Device, acting as a second device in a network app with my oculus quest and a windows device.

I am bit lost on the whole Android daydream/cardboard topic and I was hoping to get some answers…

  • 6DOF means rotation as well as positional tracking right?

  • using my phone as a cardboard/daydream device would basically give me the same functionality as my oculus quest HMD, correct?

  • daydream on my phone keeps asking for a controller. I tried the google controller emulator on my old Galaxy S7 but the Bluetooth connection did not work. Is there a way to test it without a controller…? I tried bypassing the controller in the daydream dev. options but my camera got stuck on the ground… I am also not quite sure how the 6DOF works in general, my guess is a kind of planar tracking of the ground in combination with the gyro?

  • as far a I understood I need to install the NDK but the user reference referred to a newer Cardboard SDK. Is this the way to go or is still the NDK? (Is it even necessary?)

  • lastly, I tried to install the NDK following this guide…dio/index.html
    I got stuck at the last point, the SetupAndroid.bat which did not give any errors but it not download/install the ndk…
    It just echoed that it set some “specific values…” - have to check the cmd again tomorrow…
    Thanks for your help, hope I am not confusing too much :rolleyes: