Day/Night lighting issue

I am currently using a day night cycle on one of my levels, the day time look great however when it goes to night and the “sun” is moving under the map, it causes a some weird lighting effects on foliage and inside of buildings.

It looks like this for a few seconds as the sun is setting

Then this weird highlight type effect starts and gets worse as the night phase progresses

I am aiming for it to be pretty dark at night without the weird effect.

Is this something to do with post process possibly? Any advice on how to solve would be greatly appreciated

PS. ignore the FPS counter it froze as I took the snapshot and the lighting needing rebuilding doesn’t matter towards it, its just because I placed down a few new meshes

Once the sun is below the horizon just disable it as a directional light. In fact most games don’t even let it get to the horizon, they cheat and keep the directional light above the horizon and fade it out even as the sun disc goes below the horizon. As you noticed you get shadow issues and etc. the more parallel to ground you get.

Take a look at this

You should be able to figure out how to do stuff from looking in the blueprints used here.