Day / Night Cycle using the new Sky Atmosphere

Hey guys,

I started a day/night cycle using the new Sky Atmos + Directional light and I am trying to get some night skybox going and the way I’ve implemented it was using a simple opacity in the material so the sky nightbox appears when the sun goes below 0. Now the problem is that this box is covering another box I am using for the clouds. In fact it covers both the clouds box and the sky atmos. Tried to have this sphere much bigger than the other but that doesn’t help at all. How could I have have there boxes in layers so the stars one does not interfere with the other skyboxes?

Did you watch Sjoerd explaining how to use it?
he covers both clouds and stars.

I’ve seen it but I was trying to do something that I could reach within my basic knowledge. I can’t quite clearly see how he did it. It seems he used a material in the post process volume? Never heard of that before so I will try to find out more.

The other way would be to do it like the clouds, and using the new material inputs he mentions.
You just blend the stars based on the offset of the light halo so they are also somewhat visible at day time like IRL