Day/Night cycle lighting problem

Hey everyone, I’m wrapping up a 3d environment I’ve built for Uni, and I’ve opted to use a day/ night cycle so I can have renders at different times of day. So I’ve followed this tutorial by Tesla Dev, where I’ve also posted this question -

Basically what’s happening is when the sun is in the sky everything is fine. However when it drops below the horizon and thus, below my map the light appears to be bleeding into my environment. To counter this I attempted to add a BSP brush around and below my map, as I figured the light was coming through because my meshes were only one sided, however it seems this is not the case as the light still comes through with BSP brushes in place. The light also appears to be casting shadows upward, so its must be the sun causing this. I’m using all the default lighting so I don’t see why my results differ from the tutorial. Lights also appear to follow me, or can be viewed from certain angles but not others. I have no idea what could be causing any of this, but I’m not too clued up on Unreal anyway, so I was hoping someone here might have a solution! I’d really like to get some night time shots, but at the moment the darkest point I can use is when the sun has just come back up over the horizon! Thanks in advance,


The top image has the sun somewhere below the map, whereas the second the sun has just come up.

You can set the brightness of the sun to 0 when it travels past the horizon.

I assume that would be done in Blueprint? Do you have any advice in going about this? The day night cycle is the first thing I’ve done using the feature, so I’m pretty clueless in the matter!

Yeah, in your sun BP(or sky BP, or level BP…however you are controlling the directional light) you need to set the directional light’s intensity to 0 or color to black when it goes past the horizon.

I posted this reply already but for some reason or another it didn’t post.

Since I’ve no experience with Blueprint I was rather hoping someone could walk me through getting this working. Normally I would go out and actually learn something that’s new to my, but my deadline is drawing extremely close so that will have to wait. I would really appreciate the help, and of course I don’t want to look like I’m just trying to ride off of other peoples knowledge. Anyway, I have attached a screenshot of the Blueprint, if someone could annotate it with some directions that would be great!