Day/Night Cycle and Clouds

I’m making a day/night cycle system based off of this tutorial, and it’s working well so far, I’ve added parameters for a skylight to control night time intensity so that things aren’t so pitch black riiiiiight up until the moment when the sun raises over my terrain. However I’m running into the issue that clouds stay bright white all night. I’ve tried setting up a color track in my timeline node that connects to the, “set cloud color,” node that can be created by dragging off the Skysphere BP, but it doesn’t seem to make any changes.

I did find the actual Cloud Color Curve file: (LUT Texture)

but I’m having trouble understanding it, it seems to be on a timeline of 0.1 seconds but many of the time values on the color grade keys go into the negative, and there doesn’t seem to be a discernible pattern or direction for the colors to change:

I also can’t find anything on these files in the documents section under learn on this website. Does anyone know how these LUT textures work, and how to edit their color curves? How would I go about changing the color curves so that at night, my clouds are properly darkened based on color grade key values? And really, I’d like to do this for the zenith/horizon colors as well, just to line things up nicely.

Here’s my level blueprint if it helps at all. It’s not currently referencing the cloud color though, as that wasn’t making any changes when it was referenced.

Here’s what I’m currently looking at when it’s midnight. Thanks for your time.

It looks like in the clouds curve graph, -1 is midnight, and 1 is noon. which would also put 2 at midnight.

How were you able to tell this? I can’t understand it at all haha. The color curves at those times don’t match up with the cloud colors at run time at the time of day at all, if the curve is telling the time of day based on the sun’s position, that is.

The Way It Seems to work is The SunHeight Val is set from Sun Rotation and actually goes from -3 to -1 is Night (Not seen Look At Sun Update Script While Running) where no Color Curve Happens. The Curve Starts at 1 to -1 witch is sunrise(1) to midday(0) to Sunset -(1). After -1 (Night) no Color Curves Are Programmed. You Will Need to set them up… So if Sun Height is <= -1 Its Night