Datasmith Sketchup Lightmap resolution scale help!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using sketchup for a while now and I’ve wanted something like Datathsmith since I started. (cause I am bad at making uv maps) I have been pretty successful in getting everything to work inside Unreal Engine 4.
Well I outdid myself and overloaded my 16GB DDR4 RAM during light baking. And yes… it crashes.

So I know I can upgrade my RAM, but I also looked into optimizing my models. When it comes to lighting I have noticed my complicated models, that cast shadows fine in smaller test maps have worked fine. BUT… I’ve also noticed their Lighting Map Resolution is all over the place.

My question is. How can I change the default import resolution size in sketchup before I import? I mean some models I have are very very complicated, so for me to go through every single actor, and switch the resolution would take me… a while. And I’d hate to do it for every scene I create. I know I can do it to one… and replace them all by hand… But that’s also a lot of work with what I’m working with. As everything has to be very accurately measured. (which is super super easy in sketchup).

Even though I have created every model by hand, used the same scale inside sketchup, and basic colors to paint the object. The resolution map is just different for every part of the model.
And this is killing my lighting times and crashing the program. Some are so dark red I cant even see the grid of the resolution map even when I zoom in.

So if anyone can help me out here. I’d greatly appreciate it, this kind of puts me at a stand-still as I can’t waste 100 hours of business time to optimize these models any further.