Datasmith for Blender!

I know it’s a direct plugin from Blender to Unreale. Blender to Unreal. But I don’t think this is as effective as datasmith. Recently, the number of users using Blender for architectural visualization has increased considerably. I think it is not very difficult for you. Please make datasmith plugin for Blender. If anyone wants this, please support.


Yes we need this as soon as possible.
I also need direct link for Blender for Twinmotion, Epic & Unreal Engine please do this. :pray:


Thank you for your comments.
Which features of Datasmith Pipeline would interest you?

For now, you could look at using USD file format between the two softwares. UE allows import and even runtime loading of USD file formats.


Datasmith is a boon to those working in architecture. Not everyone has to use Max. Yes, there are a lot of Max users, but recently Blender users have been increasing. The number of users who use Blender in the field of architecture is also high. Thanks to Datasmith, I won’t have to prepare the materials I created in Blender again in UE. I don’t know if the USD format is working properly now. I haven’t tested. But it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to make Datasmith plugin for Blender. Please do not ignore this request.


Hello! Has anyone here using Blender (I’m using 2.93.6) and the Blender Datasmith Export (See here: GitHub - 0xafbf/blender-datasmith-export: Blender addon to export UE4 Datasmith format) had good results? I tried it for the first time the other day and none of the materials appeared on my objects. The textures transferred during the export procedure, but when you look at the Materials, they’re blank. And yes, I checked the Materials box during export, in case you’re wondering. Curious if this is a bug in the Blender Datasmith Export plugin offered at the link above. Thanks!

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I tried this before. But this addon is not made by Epic. So don’t expect anything from this plugin. That’s why I’m waiting for an action from the Epic team on this issue. At least, if those who want this plugin like me comment, maybe they will do this plugin.

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Right on. Thanks for that. Thinking along this line, I investigated the plugin this morning and even they suggest mixed results with Materials. I will discontinue use until Epic releases a plugin for Blender. :slight_smile:


Greetings again. Do you have the Datasmith plugin for Blender on your agenda?


Do they have a blender add on for dataSmith yet?


There are no datasmith exporter for blender and no plans yet.
Nevertheless, we are monitoring format use to import into UE.

In the meantime you can look at FBX, USD or glTF.
You can also have a look at Download our new Blender addons - Unreal Engine

Thank you for your answer. I tried all the extensions you mentioned in the options. Fbx and USD are not working properly unfortunately. Yes glTF works just fine. But while Datasmith is available for many programs, it would be very pleasing for us to come to Blender as well.


Datasmith workflow is a must-use for architectural projects, so I’m also waiting a lot for an official datasmith Blender addon :slight_smile:


Just to reiterate some of the comments made by the previous posts, An Blender to Unreal Datasmith plugin would be a real game changer.

Soon the need for Digital workplaces will become huge and opening this option up could further Unreal’s hold on the 3d space.

The limitations of other CAD software may lead other company to capitalise on the newly announce metaverse and you don’t want to be left behind. Make Unreal 5 the ultimate platform for VR & AR workplaces, before Facebook takes this opportunity away from you by making their own software.

Easy way to get this done in to implement Datasmith with Blender.


I’ve been using 3ds Max since forever. I recently decided to try Blender and I’m really excited, not just for the way it models things, but also for the rendering engines. So I recently made my first building model in Blender. Also, I recently started to learn Unreal Engine. So to my surprise there is no Unreal Engine datasmith for Blender.
Unreal, please fix this! I’m counting on it, because my first goal here is to make Blender my first tool for archviz.


I would like to reiterate that a Blender Datasmith plugin for Twinmotion would be amazing and so much needed! I know you guys launched the Blender to Unreal plugin but would be very useful for Twinmotion too for quick animations and presentations! Unreal is a bit more on the next level of interaction. Would be perfect to have this for both type of users!


Datasmith does offer some advantages over those formats you mentioned at least when it comes to static meshes & Dataprep.

I use this plugin in my pipeline, and though it doesn’t transfer materials very well, textures do come in so you can use Dataprep to replace them with your own.

Yes, but a Datasmith plugin with UE support would be much more useful.

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%100 we NEED it!!! Thanks, guys!


Hello Epic team. Any progress on this issue?

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Any progress? Waiting it…