Datasmith Feature Requests

I agree! The Blender user base is growing so fast and many indie game studios are using Blender.

Maya support please would be fantastic.
I understand animation is an issue but surely can just disable the option and release the geo + material + lighting information from Maya.

  • It would also be great for an option to somehow unify/normalize up direction of uv maps so that z up is consistent but that’s probably a Revit issue.

I think the most important thing we need ist full accsess to kinematik joints (and constrains) of the cad-model.

@pf_breton @S**harpshot10 **Can we have a fbx exporter that supports simple shading materials so that parts and faces in an entire assembly are distinguishable? Given nearly every other 3D software is capable of this I am sure it would be a simple add in for you guys.

Can we get a true sketchfab export that converts materials. That would be a sweet integration.

C4D Datasmith

Ich möchte gerne wissen, wann im Datasmith-Import C4d-Vray-Materialien enthalten sind

Can we please have compositing tags/render tags like in Cinema 4D? There you can easily set up some toggles to switch the objects visibilty to several features, like being visible for raytracing/GI, for shadow generation, for reflections, for cameras (maybe additional, that we can define multiple cameras, so that it can be visible for camera A, but invisible to camera B at the same time), and to several passes too.

The Revit Datasmith plugin needs to have either an option to shorten family names, or the exporter needs to have an alternative way of naming objects. The issue at hand is once you try to package a project it adds a certain amount of characters to the overall path, some family types are going over the 260 character limit.

Hey cnd7jones !

You can set the editor to allow long path names in your editor preferences. (General > Experimental > Content Browser > Enable support for long paths (> 260 characters) ).
This should get rid of the 260 char limit to save files and cook projects.

BAM! thanks for the tip!! for anyone else out there make sure you enable the windows feature in group policy. Windows 10 "Enable NTFS long paths policy" option missing - Super User

Hi, dunno if its already available or requested. If we could specify the lightmap resolution per object via Datasmith Atributes modifier in 3ds max. Thanks.

you have to specify the lightmap resolution object while importing or after you import, Datasmith Atributes modifier is to export mesh. if that object is not getting import in right form.

Hey so, I have a project that’s grown and gone through a number of changes. The issue I have is I’m not sure what is using some of my collision trace/object responses anymore and I’d like to update and remove them if they serve no purpose now.

At this point digging through every component of every blueprint trying to find every reference of that response is not possible.

Can I request that collision responses be searched the same way “Find References” is used?

Have you looked into visual data prep in 4.23? It let’s you specify a process of setting up an import workflow that is based off attributes of the datammith and applying rules to this (such as replace tree meshes with specific assets or overriding materials). This may be useful?

I’ve noticed DGN in the Datasmith file import options. Is this format being considered at all for inclusion? Attempting to import at the moment just seems to create a Datasmith actor.

It would be great if the metadata could be imported as integers/doubles as well instead of only as strings. Right now a lot of metadata I get from Revit is kind of useless because it usually includes the unit format as well, making it impossible to convert to an integer/double. For instance: square footage metadata is displayed as ‘100 m²’. It would be better if it would just be displayed as 100 as a string (so you can convert it) but preferably as an actual int/dbl.

You could query the string to find the unit type? However it would make more sense that the data at least came out mapped to floats/integers etc (which would seem feasible as Revit knows the data type it stores). I don’t think sqM however is a normal data type inside UE4 however so some consideration on that may be needed.

Would it be possible for Datasmith to allow you to specify material replacements upon import? Something similarly to what you have when importing an fbx into a level. And pleade have it so where you can select more than 1 material at a time and specify its replacement.

Have a look at the material substitution table in the Dataprep workflow

Thanks. Regarding that however. In the inputs we can only specify datasmith filetypes. I’m dealing with IFCs however, would it be possible to handle IFC files through DataPrep as well?