Datasmith Feature Requests

I’ve noticed DGN in the Datasmith file import options. Is this format being considered at all for inclusion? Attempting to import at the moment just seems to create a Datasmith actor.

It would be great if the metadata could be imported as integers/doubles as well instead of only as strings. Right now a lot of metadata I get from Revit is kind of useless because it usually includes the unit format as well, making it impossible to convert to an integer/double. For instance: square footage metadata is displayed as ‘100 m²’. It would be better if it would just be displayed as 100 as a string (so you can convert it) but preferably as an actual int/dbl.

You could query the string to find the unit type? However it would make more sense that the data at least came out mapped to floats/integers etc (which would seem feasible as Revit knows the data type it stores). I don’t think sqM however is a normal data type inside UE4 however so some consideration on that may be needed.

Would it be possible for Datasmith to allow you to specify material replacements upon import? Something similarly to what you have when importing an fbx into a level. And pleade have it so where you can select more than 1 material at a time and specify its replacement.

Have a look at the material substitution table in the Dataprep workflow

Thanks. Regarding that however. In the inputs we can only specify datasmith filetypes. I’m dealing with IFCs however, would it be possible to handle IFC files through DataPrep as well?

The plugin is deactivated by default but once it’s on, it should be there.

@pf_breton any thoughts on an fbx exporter that would have distinguishable materials? They wouldn’t have to be realistic but just have different diffuse colors.

I’m trying to do the same thing, but the DataPrep input selector doesn’t seem to allow IFC files, is this something we can expect in the future? Or is there another way to do this?

Awesome to see such a great list of supported file formats. I’m 99% sure IFC is supported. Have you tried 4.24 preview?

I tried it now, it works in 4.24 preview. Thanks!

Feature request: native c# support. Or at least epic helping to debug the usharp plugin and make it production ready.

Request please - Slice modifier animation support from 3ds max

I know by now, our position on C# is that it is essential for AEC development. So many tools are made using C# and being able to port them to UE4 would make it a such a powerhouse for development. Developing the same functionality across multiple languages isn’t the best thing. Grasshopper is C#, Revit/Dynamo is C# and Unity is too, so support of this would open the floodgates for so many tools to be made available in UE4.

Would be interesting to hear from other Enterprise users what they think

Unreal has ECS system available to integrate way before Unity and Lumberyard actually made it. You can google for ECS system for C++ and simply integrate with Unreal Engine and use it. You can find this framework in variety on Github

I would love an easy way to undo “Merge Actors”.

It’s really destructive right now, and really problematic to revert.

Very often, I discover that I accidentally merged something I shouldn’t have, and then I need to start from zero again and hope I don’t do another mistake.

Mistakes are really easy to creep in when you have thousands of parts in an import.

EDIT: To clarify, I was talking about the “Merge Actors” found in the developer menu. Apparently, there’s a different workflow with Visual Dataprep as well.

I still hope there soon will be full support for native Direct import of Autodesk 3DS Max, Revit, VRED and Trimble SketchUp Pro files, so that poor indie developers could convert/import paid assets/projects bought on other marketplaces directly into UE4 whenever FBX or other exchanging formats are missing as well as not having to deal with materials conversions for expensive renderers like V-Ray and so on.

Datasmith does this - it’s been added to 4.24.
(Merry Christmas)

Unfortunately this is not the case. You need to have a valid license for these products and then use the Datasmith exporter to output a .udatasmith file that you can subsequently import into Unreal.
This is for licensing reasons I believe and is not likely to change.
There is no reason why Unreal shouldn’t support .blend files natively as Unity does however…

Licensing reason ? How can that be possible?

Here is the link to the current status of supported software… Autodesk Alias Wire, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor have direct import support while Autodesk 3DS MAX, Revit and VRED need the export plugin so requiring to own the software packages.
If that was a license issue with Autodesk… why would they allow Epic Games to create native direct import code for Alias Wire, AutoCAD and Inventor files but stop them from doing the same with 3DS MAX, Revit and VRED ?

And there is direct import support for PTC Creo Pro/ENGINEER, Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks and CATIA V5 which are far from cheap software… it just doesn’t make much sense that only some Autodesk packages would never get direct import support.…pes/index.html