Datasmith and Precomputed Lighting Scenarios together

Is there workflow to use both Datasmith and Precomputed Lighting Scenarios ?
I use Sketchup for modelling my archviz project and then bring it into UE by Datasmith.
I’ve seen couple of videos about Precomputed Lighting Scenarios and it looks like I want. Basically I want to have single model, but different lighting applied to it. I.e. I want to import model then go to night sublevel, tune some lightsources, bake lighting, then switch to day scene and so on. But I want all non-lighting actors in both sublevels to be in sync. I.e. if I apply material somewhere in day sublevel, will it be automatically applied in night sublevel? Or delete something, or add/move.
Same with Datasmith: if I do some changes in my modelling app, will it propagate to all sublevels?
I don’t want to do double work, i.e. repeat same changes in both sublevels.

My current experience for this is very painful (as always with UE).
I’ve created couple of sublevels: Day and Night, marked them as Lighting Scenarios, moved some stuff to Day (skylight, directional, couple of rectlights).
After that I tried to re-import Datasmith file: everything flickering. I check Outliner and see EVERYTHING duplicated. I try to re-import again and see EVERYTHING duplicated again :frowning: